Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hey guys!Suprised that i know how to set up this _MY BLOG_

I'm a GENIUS! I know i'm!

Once again, it’s a brand new year.YEAR 2008.
Looking back, I had quite a fruitful year.
1. I worked for the first time

2. The starting of poly-life. I’ve known a bunch of great friends.
3. I finally got rid of my worst nightmare.

4. I managed to contact my long lost friends.
Hehes =)

I Love the life I’m leading now!!!

Here, are my RESOLUTIONS....
1. Eat healthy food
2. Don’t spend unnecessary money
3. Drink more water
4. Finish work on time
5. I shall be nicer to people
6. Don’t be lazy

I will try. Okay! I will


P.S resolution for YQ- please don't be so naggy.

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